Public Reporting of Outcomes
Public Reporting of Outcomes

2018 Community Outreach Summary

The growth of the Oncology program at Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall remains a key area of focus for our community hospital. Through continued partnership with the Montefiore Health System, we have worked to not only expand the volume of community events, educational lectures, screenings and prevention education but also our geographic areas served.

In 2018, we implemented new processes to best track those engaging with us at community education and screenings events to help gauge the success and actual number of people reached during our outreach efforts. As part of Standard 1.8, we began logging the actual number of one on one discussions that occur in addition to general attendance at our community events, often involving large groups. This was a helpful tool to measure of the 200 plus attendees that were present at a given event, how many did we actually engage with on prevention, screening and outreach information. In 2018 alone, we reached more than 1,100 people on an individual basis, through a combination of support groups, community education and prevention information, screenings and pod casts. This does not include the many others who simply stopped by our table at a health fair or community event.

A specific area of focus for 2018, under Standard 4.1 included prevention education on varying cancer related topics. Throughout the year, we provided prevention education on skin cancer, with four events focusing on sun exposure and skin cancer risk, as well as HPV, Smoking Cessation and the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes. This will be a continued focus as we plan for 2019 education and prevention initiatives.

The MSLC Team remains committed to Cancer Screening events (Standard 4.2) as an important part of our outreach initiatives. 2018 areas of focus for cancer screenings included Breast, Prostate and Lung. While we have offered the Breast Screenings on an as needed basis, to date we have not had any requests, but will continue to evaluate and promote as Breast Cancer is prevalent in our community as evidenced by the Orange County Community Needs Assessment. MSLC offered two Prostate Cancer Screenings in 2018, both with good attendance, screening close to 20 people. In partnership with our Thoracic Surgeons, MSLC launched the early Lung Screening program in 2016. This program continues to grow and is now under the day to day leadership of the SLCH Director of Oncology Services, providing a direct line to those referred to the program.

In addition to community events offered by MSLC, the Oncology team also participated in a great deal of events put on by on our community partners to help increase awareness of the Littman Cancer Center and the many support services offered to our community. We partnered with the American Cancer Society, Miles of Hope organization, and many others to promote our programs and services throughout the year. Another method we used to increase our audience including the sharing of educational information through Podcasts created by several of our oncologists and clinicians These podcasts included everything from general breast cancer prevention, genetics and education, Radiation Oncology, and Lymphedema. These podcasts were extremely successful in reaching a larger audience than we previously might have captured in person. The podcasts also provide a longer shelf life, with the ability to post on our website and social media pages.

As we plan for 2019, we are looking to further expand the geographic area of both educational offerings and support groups. This year we found that support group attendance continues to fluctuate, not quite reaching the volume of patients, caregivers and community members that our team is actually treating. We will be alternating the location of our continuous support groups including St. Luke’s Survivors, the Breast Cancer Support Group, Shared Stitches, among several others, throughout our primary and secondary service areas. This will make it easier for those wishing to attend, as well as hopefully increase our footprint into the communities we serve.

MSLC has also revamped the external website, with an anticipated launch in early 2019. This website includes enhanced public reporting of outcomes including a community outreach summary, promotion of upcoming oncology events as well as the positing of annual reports for the Oncology Service Line. We continue to evaluate and enhance our efforts in all areas of community education, screening and prevention efforts to best reach the community MSLC serves.

2018 Oncology Annual Report

-K Dabroski, Community Outreach Coordinator