Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Pediatric Unit

Dedicated & Compassionate Care for Patients & Families

No matter the circumstances, admitting a child to the hospital is usually an anxiety-inducing experience for many families. At Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall, you can take comfort knowing you have entrusted your child’s care to a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals who will provide the attentive care your child needs.

The MSLC Pediatrics Unit follows a child- and teen-friendly approach to health care and healing. When a child is hospitalized, the whole family is affected. While we provide your child with the best medical care possible, we also offer services to parents and siblings who need help coping with what is happening.

We’re Committed to Your Comfort

Children often have a difficult time visiting the hospital. They do not always understand what is going on and the experience can be frightening.Our staff is used to working with children. A friendly face and calming voice will always be available to help them feel at ease and receive the treatment they need.

Parents play an integral part in the child’s care. We encourage parents to stay with their children as much as possible.

Amenities for Families

Family members of children in the hospital typically want to be as close by as possible, which is not a bad thing. However, sitting next to your child’s bed with nothing to do but worry the entire time is not good for you or them. We encourage families to partake in small activities with their children to help pass the time.

Our pediatric unit includes hotel-like amenities, including flat screen TVs and pull out chair beds for visitors. We want to make your time at the hospital as comfortable and convenient as possible.