Outpatient Services
Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services in Cornwall & Newburgh

What Are Outpatient Services?

Many people believe a hospital is a place you stay in for several days or weeks to receive the care you need. The truth, however, is that most hospital services take place on an outpatient basis. Not every patient in need of hospital services will be required to stay at the hospital overnight. In fact, staying overnight is not recommended unless there is an absolute need to do so. Recovering from a serious injury or illness can take time, and the financial expense and mental toll of staying in the hospital for that entire period is more than most people can afford.

Outpatient care is medical services provided to patients who return home once the treatment or diagnostic session has concluded.

Outpatient services we offer include:

Most outpatient services require a referral before you can use them. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our hospital or outpatient services.