Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education

Message from Chief Medical Officer Gina Del Savio, MD Gina Del Savio, MD

As a member of the medical staff at Montefiore St. Luke Cornwall since 1996 and as the CMO since 2017, I am excited to introduce you to our diverse community and talented clinical staff including nurses, allied professionals, therapists, and, of course, physicians. As a rural hospital, our patients include our neighbors, our employees and each other’s families. Working as together in this tight-knit community generates a culture of open communication, mutual respect and a dedication to quality as we care for each other both physically and emotionally.

Our staff’s mission is to help residents mature into community physicians who value and respect their co-workers, life-long learning and the community they are privileged to serve. We are seeking like-minded new physicians who would like to work and train in an environment where they will feel like part of a community family with the benefit of access to the educational assets of the prestigious Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

If you are looking for a training experience with faculty who have dedicated their practices to taking care of each other and the community, welcome to the Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Internal Medicine program.

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