Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Adopts Innovative Imaging Agent to Improve Detection of Bladder Cancers

Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Adopts Innovative Imaging Agent to Improve Detection of Bladder Cancers


Cornwall, New York – Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall (MSLC) announced that it is now one of the few medical centers in the Hudson Valley to offer Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview® (hexaminolevulinate hydrochloride). Cysview is an FDA-approved, optical imaging agent that significantly aides in the detection of bladder cancer, causing non-muscle invasive bladder cancer glow bright pink in blue light so urologists can see tumors better.1

“Bladder cancer is difficult to detect and has a high rate of recurrence,” said Dr. Jaspreet Singh, Medical Staff President, and Urologist at MSLC. “Patients may experience serious complications and a lower chance of survival if we aren’t able to fully detect aggressive tumors. Blue Light Cystoscopy represents an important advancement in diagnostic technology, enabling more accurate diagnosis of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer compared to the standard technique. We are so proud to offer this advanced technology to our patients.”

During the procedure, the urologist first looks inside the bladder using white light, then switches to blue light mode. In blue light, Cysview makes the cancer cells glow bright pink allowing the urologist to identify and remove tumors more easily.1“The availability of Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview is in keeping with our commitment to advancing patient care,” said Dr. Singh. “Here at MSLC, patients with known or suspected bladder cancer can now undergo diagnostic procedures using this innovative technology to beat their cancer and enjoy better outcomes and better quality of life.”

For more information about the Blue Light Cystoscopy procedure, contact MSLC’s Urology Department at: (845) 240-2742.

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Important Risk & Safety Information for Cysview (hexaminolevulinate HCl):

Cysview is an optical imaging agent used to detect non-muscle invasive bladder cancer in patients suspected or known to have lesion(s) based on a prior cystoscopy, or in patients undergoing surveillance cystoscopy for bladder cancer.

Cysview is not a replacement for random bladder biopsies or other procedures used in the detection of bladder cancer. Anaphylactoid shock, hypersensitivity reactions, bladder pain, bladder inflammation (cystitis), and abnormal urine tests have been reported after administration of Cysview. The most common adverse reactions seen in clinical trials were bladder spasm, trouble urinating, discomfort when urinating, frequent urination, blood in the urine, and bladder pain. Cysview should not be used in patients with large amounts of blood in their urine, any known allergy to Cysview or any derivative of aminolevulinic acid, or porphyria, a condition that means you already have high levels of porphyrins in your body. No specific drug interaction studies have been performed.


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