Substance Use and Your Baby
Substance Use and Your Baby

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Substance use disorder is a chronic condition, treatment is available, support is necessary, and recovery is possible. Medication-Assisted Treatment with methadone and buprenorphine in combination with counseling and therapy are effective treatments. The Kaplan Family Birthing Center at Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall has developed a program called Making Successful Life Choices. The program is designed to assist mothers with substance use disorder with the goal of keeping mom and baby together, to grow in a healthy environment.

Cynthia Barton, our pregnancy support navigator, will walk along side our patients during this journey, providing guidance to meet their pre and post-partum needs including housing, temporary assistance, insurance, food stamps and much more. We are committed to meeting each woman at any stage of her journey.
Our team of skilled, nurses, neonatologist and social workers are committed to help our patients develop a plan of safe care for them and their babies. Taking care of yourself during pregnancy means you also are taking care of your baby.


Cynthia Barton
Pregnancy Support Navigator
Cell: (845) 913-8667
Office: (845) 568-2597
Fax: (845) 568-2613

Cynthia Barton has a twenty-year history as a Case Manager and is CPR/First Aid certified, a Mandated Reporter, Narcan certified and CASAC- trained.

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