Patient Stories

Surgical Patient

“ Little did James know, his gallbladder surgery would be his second chance on life. ”

When James Lennon arrived at St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital for a scheduled gallbladder operation, he anticipated a quick surgery that would finally rid him of the discomfort he'd been experiencing. Little did he know, it would be the start of a second chance on life, thanks to the team at St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital. When he awoke from his surgery, James was yearning for a cup of coffee, and a walk outside. A typical morning routine for the Cornwall resident. Within seconds of asking his nurse, Dameris Petrillo,RN, BSN to get him a cup after surgery, his eyes rolled back and his breath and heart rate ceased. The team quickly kicked into gear and began cardio pulmonary resuscitation on James. It's what happened to James over the next 55 minutes that was nothing short of miraculous. He was revived and rushed to SLCH's Cardiac Catheterization Lab just one floor below where he was diagnosed to have a 98% occlusion of the right coronary artery. With speed and extreme skill, the team stented and revascularized him. James was given a second chance at life. After a short stay in the Intensive Care Unit, James was ready to head home. Only this time with a new outlook. He has since quit smoking, a change he's wanted to make for quite some time. "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the nurses, the doctors; the entire team was just wonderful," said James. "I was lucky to have the right doctors and the right nurses, at the right hospital. They saved my life."