Patient Stories

Maternity Care Patient

“ While she held her baby, we held her. ”

When Ashley Morris arrived at St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital for the birth of her first child, she was filled with a mix of emotions. Ashley's husband, Matthew is an active-duty Army sergeant who was about to be deployed to Afghanistan. He was in training in Texas and both were unsure if he would make it for the birth. But Matt did make it home in time and with the help of Ashley's physician, and the staff at St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital, the two were able to welcome their daughter Madison together on April 15, 2014. However, just 24 hours after Madison was born, Matt had to return to Texas. Just moments after he left, Ashley was about to feed her new baby when a nurse came in and saw Ashley break down crying. According to Ashley, "The nurse came in and sat right next to me, hugging me, telling me it's going to be ok, telling me how strong I was and that I have this beautiful little girl that I get to hold and look at every day and let me know that everything is going to be ok." It's a moment that Ashley will be forever grateful for.